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Sprig of Dill

Rice Seasoning Blend

Rice Seasoning Blend

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Rice Seasoning Blend is among the favorite seasoning in Israel.  A Tablespoon (for 2 - 4 helpings) of this Blend added to rice during the last 5 minutes it is cooking, will transform it from a plain white starch on the plate, to a longed-for side dish that everyone requests. JJ uses Sprig of Dill's Rice Seasoning Blend to season her lamb meatballs.

Available in Jars with a complimentary bamboo half teaspoon, or Refill Pouches containing the same net weight of Blend.

(onion, pumpkin seed, curry powder, dried cranberries, garlic, cumin, turmeric, parsley) 

Contains no allergens

Net Weight:  2.31oz (65.5g)

May be shipped to you or picked up in Clayton, GA.

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