Our Story

Growing up in a family that preserved food meant that spring and summer were spent picking fruit to freeze, or transform into jellies.  Early fall found the extended family working together to bring in the grandparents' harvests.  Day after day, colorful jars of green beans, vegetable soup, and a variety of pickles, replaced the empty jars lining the cellar shelves.

Most of the time, my role as a child was limited to stringing and snapping green beans, or scrubbing jars before they were boiled.

Then one day, one grandmother took me with her to the dill patch.  The memory of cutting sprigs of dill for jars of pickles still makes my mouth water.  The sterilized jars were packed with cucumbers, and brine was poured in to cover them.  But it was not the brine that elevated these cucumbers into something truly special - it was the sprig of dill in each jar that created a tangy surprise, waking the palate, and transforming a simple cucumber into the perfect accompaniment to the simplest meal.

At Sprig of Dill, LLC, this is our goal:  to add that unanticipated tanginess that elevates ordinary daily life into something that makes your mouth water - even in memories, years later.